Do you have any of these symptoms?

Dry Eyes


Irritated Eyes

Blurred Vision

Ever notice how tired your eyes get at the end of the day? That's likely due to the harmful exposure of High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light from our everyday devices.


of North Americans have jobs that require computer usage.

1 in 3

North Americans spend 8+ hours of the day in front of their screen.

Less than 10%
of North Americans have used digital protection glasses to protect their eyes.


Why wear digital eye protection?


Work Better

Protecting your eyes at work helps reduce fatigue so you can focus more.


Browse More

Enjoy binge watching without damaging your eyes.


Stay Stylish

The tints on our digital protection lenses are hardly detectable.


Sleep Better

Digital protection blocks the melatonin suppressing effect of the blue light.

How do I get it?

Our blue blocking digital protection lenses are available for all optical glasses, with or without prescription. Once you pick a pair (or two!) that you like, you can upgrade your glasses by adding the digital protection option for only $30!

  1. Pick Your Frames

    Choose any frames you like and continue to check out.

  2. Add Digital Protection

    Select the lens for your frames and click 'yes' for digital protection.

  3. We Ship It To You

    Enjoy your new frames and go back to your regular browsing, minus the eye fatigue.

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